About - Samuel Mello
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Trained as a drawer, he knows and he still learn all about visual art, communication and digital design, graphic techniques and how to take care of a brand.

Communication is Love.
We have to understand that communication is all. When we talk about something we care about, we are excited and then able to transmit that emotion to the person we are talking to.
So that’s my job: understand emotions, send them to the people, make sure people receive them and take the feedback.

Everything has a story, and each story is a love story.”


1995, in Maglie
Lecce, Puglia, Italy
Lives in Lecce and works everywhere


2015 – High School Of Fine Arts – Lecce, Italy
2015 – XY-LAB – Castrignano de’ Greci, Lecce, Italy
2016 – Certificate of Art Curator – Museo Orfeo, Bologna, Italy
2018 – OMM Live, the One Minute Meditation – Lugano, Switzerland